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Get on board of the mentorship program and let me help you on your journey to becoming a Product Designer.

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Table of Contents
1. Get to know each other
2. Structuring your individual mentorship plan
3. Product Design Basics
4. Industry Knowledge
5. Resources for Designers
6. Tackling issues
7. Your first project (optional)
8. Portfolio Check
9. Application Advice
10. Discount Voucher for the Product Design Course

"[…] and that’s exactly what Toni does for me as my mentor – and I’m very proud to call him my mentor. He spends a lot of time, explains certain topics in detail, checks on joint projects. It is simply motivating to have someone like Toni as a mentor."




Any questions left?

The duration of the mentoring program is about 6 months long, in which we will have (educational) calls and I will be checking in on joint projects. It is possible to shorten the duration of the program, but keep in mind that this also comes with less calls and check-ins.

During the mentorship program our main tool - when it comes to designing digital products - will be Adobe XD. The reason for that is simple: it is free and available on MacOS and Windows devices. 

Don't worry, Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD are all very similar, so if you are already experienced with one of them, you will feel like home right away.

Lovely, that you already dived in and reached your first few milestones.

This mentorship program is addressed to people that are just starting out on their Product Design / UX path.

If you are still interested in learning more about Product Design, I highly recommend you my Product Design Course that will be released in the future. In this course we will also cover the basics, but take a deeper look into topics and problems that people in higher positions within the industry are tasked with.

Nothing. The mentorship program is completely free.

After you have finished the mentorship program you will only be asked to leave a review.

The Mentorship Program is offered in 2 languages: English and German.

Whether you speak English or German you should make sure that your English is pretty good, especially due to the English resources you will get to educate yourself.

Absolutely. Of course, it is sad that you decided to not continue the program, but if you feel like it does not suit you or especially if you encounter personal problems that will not give you the opportunity to participate fully in the program anymore, you can decide to cancel anytime.

The only condition is to be honest and talk open up-front.