Finding jeans that fit

Shopping for jeans and other form-fitting apparel online can be time-consuming and frustrating. It's hard to compare between different styles, and it's hard to know for sure how they will fit. It's a disappointing experience when you have to return an item that doesn't fit quite right.

In this case study I have not only tackled this issue, but found a solution for more efficiency lower costs and less CO2.

Project goals

Happy looking man
Happier customers

Creating an experience in which the customers are happy receiving the item that perfectly fits them guaranteed through a smart and fast booking process.

Badge with percentage symbol
Less costs

Reducing shipping and service costs by having no returned items and through that no new re-purchases.

Becoming greener

Causing less CO2 emissions by having less package transfers.


To tackle the challenge I first sketched down some kind of mind map for easier structuring of problems, solutions, ideas, challenges etc.

With an idea in mind based on the mind map I created a user flow that showed how a future process
within the store app and/or website could look like.

After that I followed up with a sketching session to create some interface screens based on validated user flows.