I help companies create great digital products that perform well and
make users happy.

For the last 4 years I worked for various creative agencies,  creating digital products with great user experiences and amazing results for businesses.

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dict.cc – 
Redesigning a dictionary

dict.cc is one of the most popular online dictionaries. Since it went online in 2002 it has not much evolved, which is not only visible, but can be easily identified through the opinions of its users. Our mission was to fix these issues.

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Person holding 5 pairs of jeans in their hands

Finding jeans that fit –
A UX Case Study

Shopping for jeans and other form-fitting apparel online can be time-consuming and frustrating. It's hard to compare between different styles, and it's hard to know for sure how they will fit. It's a disappointing experience when you have to return an item that doesn't fit quite right.

In this case study I have not only tackled this issue, but found a solution for more efficiency lower costs and less CO2.

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Two men and one dog sitting next to a tree watching the sun set

Four Trees Portugal -
Redesigning for body and soul

Four Trees is a farm in Portugal that offers wonderful retreats to their visitors, covering topics such as healthy habits, yoga classes, new culinary experiences and photography.

The mission was to fully express the soul and vision of the farm, retreats, workshops and to simplify the booking process. Furthermore usability issues that caused a bad user experience got removed.

Case Study coming out in September '21.