Toni Labahn

I am a Germany based Product Designer, who focuses on human experiences.

I strive to create functional and valuable experiences that leave a positive impact on people and their environment.



Ask first. Before jumping into designing I always make sure that we’re asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. This stage includes market research, competitive analyses, consulting and exploring possible solutions.


Problem solving. At the end of this phase you’ll have a pixel perfect design for your app or website. During the transition from wireframes into the final design I create prototypes simulating final end results before development.

UX Consulting / Analysis

Support. Sometimes it can be difficult, knowing if your product is actually performing well for the users. This is where UX Analysis comes in quite handy. It identifies problems users may come across and offers solution.


Jan Hahn, CEO of Four Trees Portugal

It always is a pleasure to work with Toni. His passion for designccombined with his desire to create the perfect user experience, are building a solid foundation for every project. Talented young mind with out-of-the-box thinking. Always a pleasure.

Toni Labahn
Product Designer