Toni Labahn

Product Designer


I think, design and develop digital products & experiences that look good, work great and feel amazing.

I am a lover of well-designed products, philosophy,  photography, nature & minimalism. Furthermore, I quite enjoy publishing articles about design such as one of my recent ones on Psychology in Design.

I believe that design can truly impact how we live our lives by focusing on major issues in fields of infrastructure, energy, society, our digital lives and education. 




Ask first. Before jumping into designing I always make sure that we’re asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. This stage includes market research, competitive analyses, consulting and exploring possible solutions.


Problem solving. At the end of this phase you’ll have a pixel perfect design for your app or website. During the transition from wireframes into the final design I create prototypes simulating final end results before development.


Sharing Knowledge. Mentoring is a big thing, whether you are a designer, a product manager or developer. There are many things to learn from; design methods or workshops that help you creating better products.

UX Consulting / Analysis

Support. Sometimes it can be difficult, knowing if your product is actually performing well for the users. This is where UX Analysis comes in quite handy. It identifies problems users may come across and offers solution.



The Portugal Project

„It always is a pleasure to work with Toni. His passion for design combined with his desire to create the perfect user experience, are building a solid foundation for every project.

Talented young mind with out-of-the-box thinking. Always a pleasure.“

Offered Service: UX Consulting

Jan-Eric Niedermüller

„Personally, I find it very important to share knowledge and experience with others in the relevant areas, so we can all learn from each other. And that's exactly what Toni does for me as my UI/UX design mentor – and I'm very proud to call him my mentor.

It is simply motivating to have someone like Toni as a mentor.“

Offered Service: Mentoring

Contact me

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need some advice about product design, feel free to contact me.

Reply time: 1-2 working days

I wish You Peace, Love and WiFi.