Creativity – the essence of doing something wonderful which was born as an idea in your mind. Great, isn’t it? But what when you have a Creative Block?

I asked this question myself and I realized that I didn’t have a clue. So I did research and found a bunch of good opportunities which mostly helped me. I want to share this knowledge with you guys. So here are my 3 tips how to overcome a creative block.

Do what you would probably never do!

I’ve found this tip in a video on Tobias van Schneider’s YouTube channel. He talked about that you should leave your comfort zone and do something different. Especially when you do something which you would probably never do, something great, interesting or just entertaining could happen which gives you the inspiration you’re looking for. Do it, even though you are close to your Deadline! It could destroy the Creative Block!

Furthermore I recommend you that you always have a sketchbook or something similiar with you so that you can write or sketch interesting things down and use them later if you are workin on your project and you feeling like that you would have no ideas.

Reach your thoughts to other People

Write your main idea down with a few additional categories and reach these thoughts to a bunch of different people and let them write their own ideas down. After that you probably will have a big amount of ideas and thoughts which will help you to improve your product. Honestly some of them will be odd suggestions, but hey everyone is different…

Relax and Research

Something that actually helps me a lot is to relax and start doing research. With “research” I mean: Browsing on apps like Behance, Pinterest, MaterialUp, dribble etc. so that you can find new inspiring things which could be the perfect solution for your project! Very important before you start scrollin down your app feed is that you really need to calm down. You need to forget about everything around you!

I hope that one of my suggestions can help you and I wish you good luck with all your upcoming projects! Do you wanna’ read more of these articles? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Have a nice week!

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