When we talk with other UI and UX Designers about how they work, a lot of them will tell you, that they use programmes like Sketch, XD or Figma within their working process. Those programmes are well designed, but most have one or more disadvantages, which makes them not “perfectly well”. Sketch, on the one hand, doesn’t have a Prototype mode included but works great for a static UI, creating vectors and adding a lot of different plugins, which can widen Sketch’s horizon to make it more usable. Adobe XD, on the other hand, offers the designer a Prototype mode, but the possibilities, in general, are way too limited compared to its competitors.

To sum up, in my view, there is nothing one-hundred percent fitting for the UI/UX community. Well, not until January 2018 (hopefully).

I talk about inVisions’ “Studio”, the new tool for UI/UX and Digital Product Designers. On the official product website, “Studio” is described as “The World’s Most Powerful Screen Design Tool” and it seems that they are not lying.

InVision Studio is a platform for advanced screen design, rapid prototyping with customizable animations. Furthermore, it automatically makes your screen designs responsive to your layout. Plus it offers SWIFT code export and seamless collaboration like we already know of inVisions’ work.

And the best is, that every one of those features comes in one tool: inVisions’ Studio.

For more information, I highly recommend you to check out the official “Studio” site.

What do you think about inVisions’ “Studio”?

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