Everyone of us knows this problem: You are reading a few articles, sending messages or you are endless scrollin’ because you can’t really find, what you’re looking for and then you recognize that you actually spend hours of browsing on unnecessary information. I also had this problem and to avoid it, I started to look for new apps, which probably would save a big amount of my time and give me the necessary information that I really want. Before you start I probably should tell you that these apps are perfect for gaining new information and finding new stuff that inspires you – it’s not for editing pictures or similiar things.


When I discovered one of my favorite designers (@vanSchneider) I also found out about the app named ‘Medium’ which is basically a great place for publishing your thoughts to a big audience. The texts you can find there are basically about everything which is related to our todays’ life and our society. There are so many informative and especially inspiring articles, which have high-quality standards.


I know Twitter is a quite popular application and probably everyone knows about the existence, but I need to mention it, because it’s just sooo good and I think if you are a digital artist or working in journalism, you definetly should have a Twitter account. It was never easier to have a better overview about the things you’re interested in than your twitter feed. It’s short. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s Twitter.


I think every person who is working on designs, knows “Behance”. It is a platform for creative heads, who can upload their projects, so that companies like Google, Nike, Facebook or The New York Times can judge about them and if your work is good enough they maybe hire you for new projects. Apart from the hiring you have the possibility to find new inspiring projects, which maybe leads you to your new masterpiece. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for great new UI/UX designs, fashion designs, illustrations or photography. You will find everything which is kinda related to design.

If you are a person who is designing stuff and you have never heard about “Behance” you should go to the god damn website or download the app, sign up and discover the great world of Behance!

Do it! Just do it! (Shia Labeouf)

Those were (in my opinion) the best apps for Digital Artists, which actually saved a lot of my time in the last year. Furthermore I learned a lot of new things and read very interesting articles, for example “Did Hitler have great designers? Can good design be bad design?” by Tobias van Schneider, which maybe offers you a new view on history related designs. I enjoyed the time when I used these apps and I will probably never live without them 🙂

What are your favorite apps, that make your life easier and more interesting? Write it down below in the comment section!

2 Thoughts to “Best apps for Digital Artists”

  1. Thanks for your article!
    That was pretty awesome 🙂

    My most favourite apps at the moment are:
    – Flexikon (Thats an App were doctors write articles about the human body and different sicknesses) so the perfect app for my education
    – Twilight (Thats an App that gives you a filter which makes it easier to fall asleep)
    – SmartRide (Thats an App that shows you all Buslines in Tyrol)
    – Bloons TD 5 (Thats at the moment my favourite game on my cell phone)

    By the way, the design of your website is sick!

    With best regards

    Manu 🙂

    1. Hey Manu,

      I appreciate your feedback and I just wanted to say thank you!

      Flexikon (Thats an App were doctors write articles about the human body and different sicknesses) so the perfect app for my education

      Seems like you wanna be a nurse or a doctor 🙂 Good luck with your education!

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